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schrieb Timur Gafarov <>:

> 15.11.2014 07:48, Rikki Cattermole пишет:
> > To further Devisualization, I have got the start of an image library.
> > It should be fairly interface complete now.
> >
> > For this I really could use help from anyone with experience with PNG
> > especially with Adam7 interlacing and color correction such as gamma.
> > Currently missing an exporter. Only imports. Does not import grayscale
> > or palleted.
> >
> > Goal: to act as the image representation within memory (including colors).
> > Usage:
> > Devisualization.Window uses it for window icon's (untested for x11 can
> > somebody confirm this does indeed work?).
> > Devisualization.Font heavily uses it for glyphs and the output of its
> > rasterization.
> >
> > [0]
> I have working PNG export in my image processing package, part of dlib: 
> There're also importers for BMP and TGA.

I also just wrote a TGA importer and found RLE and 16-bit in
particular badly supported on Linux. E.g. eye-of-gnome
(Gnome's picture viewer) doesn't correctly restore the last
pixel's color in an RLE image and most software doesn't handle
16-bit at all. Add to that, that the specs are not very
specific as to what allowed values are and you get all
sorts of funny implementations quirks.


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