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Tomer Rosenschtein:

Awesome article.
"Paper of the week" is a modest word for this.

The D code is not good.


Maybe not good by the standards of this group, but it does represent the efforts of someone doing 'real work', so I think it is worthwhile.

I would bet that 'in the wild' there is a lot more D code that looks like that than what might be considered good, idiomatic D.


I understand why D is still underground.The guy use R, by miracle he suddently test a strong typed-compiled-lang and he concludes: "well, those compiled lang seem interesting...".
Then Someone post this here, on reddit, on HackerNews...

And Miracle!

Everybody thinks it's awesome.

You're the one that called it awesome! I don't think anyone here was overly excited about it, but we are always happy to see D get good press.

Maybe the guy the wrote the article is just an average programmer, but hey most of the programmers in the world are average programmers - so this article could appeal to that segment of the market.

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