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Tomer Rosenschtein:

Awesome article.
"Paper of the week" is a modest word for this.

The D code is not good.


Maybe not good by the standards of this group, but it does represent the efforts of someone doing 'real work', so I think it is worthwhile.

I would bet that 'in the wild' there is a lot more D code that looks like that than what might be considered good, idiomatic D.


I understand why D is still underground.The guy use R, by miracle he suddently test a strong typed-compiled-lang and he concludes: "well, those compiled lang seem interesting...".
Then Someone post this here, on reddit, on HackerNews...

And Miracle!

Everybody thinks it's awesome.

You're the one that called it awesome! I don't think anyone here was overly excited about it, but we are always happy to see D get good press.

Maybe the guy the wrote the article is just an average programmer, but hey most of the programmers in the world are average programmers - so this article could appeal to that segment of the market.

It's not my call. it's one the right side, twitter things.
And about "awesome", it looks like you dont get my irony.

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