Maybe not good by the standards of this group, but it does represent the efforts of someone doing 'real work', so I think it is worthwhile.

Perhaps part of the cause of the low quality of the code in that blog post is the design of D language is not "bondage" enough. This worries me a little, because most D code I see in the wild is not good, and looks more like a Java/C++ mix. In Python culture there is a stronger pressure to write Pythonic code similar to Python code written by all other Python programmers. In the Go culture this is even stronger, there's even only one standard way to format code, and the language is simpler so there is less possibility for usage of alternative constructs (while in D you have often five ways to shoot the foot). From what I've seen the Rust culture is more "bondage" than D culture, in both surface look of code, and idioms, and I think this is good.


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