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> >> I think DSource should not be shut down, but instead modernised
> >> and open for new D-based projects. We, old D programmers, just
> >> love DSource! :)
> > the problem with current dsource is that keeps poping up in 
> > first
> > google results. yesterday my mate asked me why we don't have 
> > gtk+
> > bindings for D. i answered "just google gtkD", he did it and 
> > the first
> > result was dsource link, which points just to svn repo, w/o 
> > docs and
> > such. this is disaster.
> Erm, that was due to a misconfiguration from a last-minute 
> change. Sorry. Fixed now.
thank you. but i mean that dsource.org is still poping up in results
and it contains alot of obsolete projects. some projects was forked
long time ago and their dsource pages weren't updated, some are just
dead. people keep hitting dsource, trying projects and leaving with a
great frustration: "ah, nothing is working, what a mess! besides, all
that projects seems dead, so seems D."

i think that the whole dsource site must be shut down and replaced with
a stub (except planetD) to stop this disease. that site was great, but
now it does more harm than good.

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