On 02.12.2014 23:20, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
DSource in the headlines? In 2014? Shocking, I know.

Since Brad is no longer an active D user, and the website has had spotty
uptime lately, I've offered to take over the hosting and any maintenance.

Although opinions exist that the site should simply be shut down, I
think archiving it would be a better approach. The website has
historical relevance to the D community, and might be required to get
ancient D code running again. For example, we could make things
read-only and make it obvious on every project page that "we don't go to
DSource any more". I can't exactly undertake a large redesign, but we
can discuss our options.

Planet D (planet.dsource.org) is moved as well, and should continue to
operate merrily. If your D blog's not there, let me know!

This finally motivated me to move cv2pdb from dsource to github, it's now here: https://github.com/rainers/cv2pdb

Trying to add a respective banner to the wiki start page caused the page to be unreadable (preview was ok), because all CR LF seemed to be escaped in the submitted text. Could this be a result of the move?

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