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I think this could work with just two or three variants of a question. Always ask what's the return value of the function.

1. int foo() { return 8 % 3; }

I don't think non-programmers know what that '%' symbol is, but programmers of any language would recognize this.

2. int foo() { int x = 8; x++; x++; return x; }

I don't think non-programmers would guess ++ is increment, but programmers most probably know it.

3. bool foo() { return 42 != 30 };

I don't think non-programmers know what "!=" is.

I had to maintain a technical forum last year that was getting spammed like crazy. I added the question "how many bits are in a byte?", and the spam vanished. Based on that experience, I think the bar can be set very low.

I prefer something like the examples above. Honestly, I don't know what the names of many syntax features are, but I usually know how to use and interpret them. But, one positive side effect of this is that if I ever do get challenged with a "what is the name of this feature?" question, I will finally be motivated to go look it up.


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