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think of them as beta quality!

You may have to either pause when you need to cough and sneeze or just
edit that out. I am interested in this topic but the horrible quality of
audio video made me puke.

Sorry. I will shoot the next videos when I am healthy again.

I thought about writing the code beforehand, and then just go through and
explain it. What do you think of that ?

@ibuclaw You did not misshear, I really said that :( . I was referring I
to the fact, that I do not parse uppercase letters atm. Probably should
edit out such non-sense.

Yah, my next question would have been: How do you intend to have a self
hosted C compiler handwritten in pure D?  :)

Well, I intended to extend the compiler later on.
So I can compile C+x where the X is whatever is needed to get it self-hosting.

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