Thanks for the great work!

Is it possible to also include dmd+druntimie+phobos git-head?

It would be helpful to know if your project can be built with the new version of DMD (when it is officially released) ahead of time. If you are using some yet-to be deprecated code you can fix the issue much sooner and when the next version is released the migration cost would be virtually zero. Sure, this won't be useful for everybody, but I am sure that for some larger organizations this will be helpful. Also this will help test the new compiler and standard library code better, which should benefit everyone.

Git pulling and rebuilding dmd every time you update your project is not extremely efficient, but perhaps this can be done once a week. Or the autotester can upload the first binaries that pass all tests to some ftp in the beginning of every week. I am not very familiar with Travis or the dmd release process, so correct me if I am wrong.

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