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Short story about my attempt to put a bit more efforts in detecting user projects breakage by compiler changes:


Quoting important bit:

"It is quite likely that only few of you will want to spend that much time to simply be able to report regressions in time. I'd still want to see much more healthy library ecosystem out there thus simple proposal - poke me via e-mail and I will gladly add any of you projects to the system I have already configured. There is a one requirement though : you must be willing to actually investigate found regressions and report them to bugzilla or workaround in your project. If that sounds OK to you, just let me know"

Ironically not a single of few projects I have tried adding currently compiles with a dmd git master - will add more as issues get resolved.

Thanks very much for this, it's a very valuable piece of work.

I'd be very happy if you were to add

to your testing list. I've just tried them out with latest git-master dmd and pushed appropriate fixes (Dgraph had some arrays declared C-style, hap.random had some typetuple import failures).

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