On 2014-12-23 00:14, Elie Morisse wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to announce to you all the existence of a modified
LDC able to interface directly to C++ libraries, wiping out the need to
write bindings:

This is pretty cool, but I'm not so sure if this will be accepted in upstream.

I did something similar myself [1] with the help of DStep [2]. I basically linked DStep with DMD which called DStep to generate a temporary D file with the bindings. DMD would then read the temporary file as if it was there before starting the compilation.

[1] http://forum.dlang.org/thread/ks3kir$1ubq$1...@digitalmars.com
[2] https://github.com/jacob-carlborg/dstep

/Jacob Carlborg

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