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> > p.p.s. can i turn that $#&#%^%@#@ font antialiasing off? ;-)
> I can implement such setting for you :)
> Does it really look ugly with font antialiasing?
it's looking $#^&#$%^%@&# @$#%^%&&%$& $#%%#&$@#^ UGLY. any font
aliasing looks like this. my eyes bleeding when i looking at
antialiased fonts. i either can turn that stupid thing off, or the
program is completely unusable for me.

i read that you planning fontconfig support, so please just don't
forget about aliasing and hinting options. there are some people that
prefer to switch antialiasing off and turn full hinting on, as this is
the best settings for free microsoft "core fonts for the web" set (or
at least we believe that this is the best).

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