On Friday, 26 December 2014 at 12:33:04 UTC, Vadim Lopatin wrote:

DlangUI project is alive and under active development.


Recent changes:
- new controls: ScrollWidget, TreeView, ComboBox, ...
- new dialogs: FileOpenDialog, MessageBox
- a lot of bugfixes
- performance improvements in software renderer
- killer app: new example - Tetris game :)

Try Demos:
    # download sources
    git clone https://github.com/buggins/dlangui.git
    cd dlangui
    # example 1 - demo for most of widgets
    dub run dlangui:example1 --build=release
    # tetris - demo for game development
    dub run dlangui:tetris --build=release

DlangUI is cross-platform GUI library written in D.
Main features:
- cross platform: uses SDL for linux/macos, Win32 API or SDL for Windows - hardware acceleration: uses OpenGL for drawing when built with version USE_OPENGL - easy to extend: since it's native D library, you can add your own widgets and extend functionality
- Unicode and internationalization support
- easy to customize UI - look and feel can be changed using themes and styles
- API is a bit similar to Android - two phase layout, styles

Screenshots (a bit outdated): http://buggins.github.io/dlangui/screenshots.html

See project page for details.

I would like to get any feedback.
Will be glad to see advises, bug reports, feature requests.

Best regards,

Great work. I left the idea to make GUI apps with D since a while but your project almost conviced me to give another try. I don't like the other options (GtkD, the other based on java things, the one based on tcl). It looks like the native GUI framework a lot of people are expecting. DQuick had my interest too but it seems that it's dormant since a small year now.

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