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> On Tuesday, 30 December 2014 at 09:37:09 UTC, ketmar via 
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> > otherwise it's not crashing anymore, yet it still looks very 
> > funny:
> > http://ketmar.no-ip.org/2014-12-30-11-35-26_700x500.png
> > is it supposed to look like this?
> It looks like resources from dlangui/lib are not loaded. I see 
> only ones from examples/example1/res
> Can you try to copy dlangui/res directory to directory where 
> executable is located?
sure, no prob.

yes, after i coped dlangui res/ dir to the directory where example1
binary resides, everything is working as it should.

(actually, i copied it to "dlangui/examples/example1/bin", where dub
creates symlink to the real binary)

p.s. there is small glitch with checked checkboxes though: image is not

p.p.s. can i turn that $#&#%^%@#@ font antialiasing off? ;-)

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