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DlangUI project is alive and under active development.


Is there any chance of supporting user-supplied rendering primitives? If this were a library that lived above some application supplied
rendering primitives, then I could make use of this.

What rendering primitives are required? Pixel buffers? Any vertex
processing happening? Text I imagine is a tough one...

Not sure what do you mean under user supplied rendering primitives.

If you want to render UI into custom rendering buffer, you can define DrawBuf based class.
It requires following drawing primitives to be implemented:
- fill whole buffer with solid color
- fill rectangle with solid color
- draw font glyph (8 bit alpha image)
- draw 32 bit RGBA image

If your app is OpenGL based, there is already GLDrawBuf wich draws into opengl.

As well, UI can be drawn in ColorDrawBuf - 32bit RGBA buffer - and then transferred to your surface.

For embedding into third party framework, dlangui needs external mouse and key events translated into its own events.

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