Just a quick question for the DConf organizers regarding submissions.

It would be really great if any Google Summer of Code students students were invited to DConf and given the opportunity to present their proposals to the D Community. However given the timeline, we likely won't have any accepted proposals at the DConf deadline.

If things go well and our organizational bid is successful, could we tentatively plan to have a GSOC session where they presented their proposals.

I think it would be too much for a student to give a 45-50 minute presentation, but if we could get more than one student (or mentors) to participate, maybe a quick overview of each proposal could take up a single presentation slot.

Then there is of course the issue of getting poor students to DConf, however given its (sort of) central location for US students it might be possible.

I know there are a lot of 'ifs' there, but if we could pull something off it would really help the students bond with the D Community.



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