A note:

a resource compiler is still useful for things like giving a Windows program an icon or other such things where the operating system needs to find the data, since the OS doesn't know how D stores info.

(a fun project that I'm kinda tempted to do some day btw: make program that CAN fetch imported data from a D program. Maybe reading the executable, or maybe establishing a command line protocol to fetch it with the program's help. )

You can compile resources on Windows in D exactly the same way as in C.

Another thing too, I'm starting work on a "This week in D" thing and tips like these are one of the things I'd like to put in it. I guess I don't have anything else to say about it right now, I still have some more prep work to do, but if any of you have idioms or tricks, we should compile a list for reference and perhaps slightly longer articles about their use we can stick in the newsletter. (I'm thinking the length should only be 2-5 paragraphs.)

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