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> I've started a list of curated D tips and tricks here: 
> http://p0nce.github.io/d-idioms/
> Anything that you wished you learned earlier at one point in the 
> D world is welcome to be added or suggested.
> I think the focus should be on "stuff that could make you more 
> productive, or is just funky" but that is up to debate.
> Of course the D Cookbook still stays irreplaceable for a 
> consistent, in-depth discussion of being D-enabled.
> Thoughts?
i'm not sure, but maybe it worth renaming "struct inheritance" to
"extending a struct"? or even something completely different. what it
does is actually extending/augmenting the struct, but not
OO-inheritance, as one cannot pass "augmented" struct to the function
which expects original struct. at least without hackery.

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