On Saturday, 17 January 2015 at 01:07:14 UTC, MattCoder wrote:
On Friday, 16 January 2015 at 21:19:08 UTC, Jonas Drewsen wrote:
I have been working on an editor written in D for use with D for some time now and have made a blog post about it.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Neat and nice use of the libdparser! In fact I'm writing a editor for myself and I will do something like this too.

I used most of last year just getting the gui framework, resource management, animation framework, text editor etc. working. Integrating libdparser after that only took a couple of days.

If you are writing an editor yourself you can definitely get to similar state by using existing gui libraries etc. I didn't go that route partly because of the NIH syndrome and partly because I wanted a gui framework that would feel familiar to web developers for styling.

Do you have some info/link to your editor?

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