On Friday, 23 January 2015 at 12:29:56 UTC, Kelly wrote:
Hello Elie,

This project looks great, thanks for the hard work. I downloaded Calypso and ldc2 about 6 hours ago to try your project out.

I can get Calypso to compile with a couple small changes to assistbuilder.cpp (just adding a namespace qualifier for two class instantiations of CodeGen). That is with clang-3.5 from todays svn. Maybe a recent clang commit has changed things?

Once I had a working Calypso ldc2 build, I unfortunately couldn't get the showcase example to build. I just use the build line from your git page to try to build, but I get an 'undefined identifier size_t' error. The pch file is produced properly but then this error comes up...it seems like while compiling druntime from the '-v' output?? Maybe something changed in the druntime submodule in the last few days...but I didn't really look into it yet.

I hacked a couple things to just get around this error and then things fail because libshowcase.a isn't available. I assume that is a remnant from an earlier compilation technique, because it appears everything is self contained in the .o files being produced and then linked on the command line...so I just thought I would let you know this part doesn't work.

If you could give me a hint on the 'undefined identifier size_t' error, I can look into it a bit further here...I am just getting tired and probably not seeing what is going on there. If you are on #ldc I will be on there later today. Not sure what your username is in #ldc. At least one other person has been by asking if you were there also :)

Kelly (wilsonk-laptop)

Thanks for the feedback Kelly, you're probably the first person to give it a serious try, sorry for the bumpy ride :)

Since I was focused on getting Ogre working and neither rebuilt druntime/phobos nor tested the showcase example against the latest commits they might have broken something.
Also the README forgets to say how libshowcase.a should be built:

  clang++ -std=c++11 -c showcase.cpp -o showcase.cpp.o
  ar rcs libshowcase.a showcase.cpp.o

  ldc2 -cpp-args -std=c++11 -Llibshowcase.a -L-lstdc++ showcase.d

Adding this now.

I'm going to fix the rest this afternoon (finally some free time), and also figure out why assistbuilder.cpp failed to compile against the latest Clang 3.5.

Also going to setup a testing script to ensure not everything gets broken again by a commit.

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