Thanks for the good work! It would be really nice if in the future we could compare DMD, GDC and LDC (and SDC when it becomes more usable) at (Btw a nice choice of name :) )

I have a couple of questions about the output when looking at a C++[1] program and the same in GDC[2] and DMD[3](I am not very familiar with assembly):

1) Syntax:
AFAIU, (_D)main pushes 3 and 4 to the stack and calls (example.)add. Then (example.)add loads them from the stack in two registers and adds them. IIRC, dmd passes parameters in reverse order (of the normal C way) and that's why pushing and loading 3 and 4 from the stack is in reverse order.

However why does DMD use hex instead of decimal notation?
[I was also a little confused about positive vs negative indexing of bp and the order of src and dst in the arguments to movl, but then I noticed that I am comparing x86 and x86_64, so I managed to answer those questions myself :D ]

2) _Dmain:
I also noticed that the output of gdc-4.4 and gdc-4.6 does not include a label for _Dmain (nor the regular C main). Is this a problem of the disassembly, or just how older version of GDC produced code?

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On Monday, 26 January 2015 at 23:46:24 UTC, Iain Buclaw wrote:

It is my pleasure to release a new site onto the community. An Interactive DMD compiler.

Inspired by Matt Godbolt's GCC Explorer[1], and my own hosted version that uses GDC[2]. I was asked by Andrei to fork and make a working protoype that uses DMD.

All work is hosted on Github[3], and we are planning on moving it to part of the D-Programming-Language repositories.

Please share, contribute, and destroy!



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