On 19/02/2015 04:38, thedeemon wrote:
int x, y, z, age;
string name;

let (name, age) = getTuple();           // tuple
let (x,y,z) = argv[1..4].map!(to!int);  // lazy range
let (x,y,z) = [1,2,3];                  // array

SomeStruct s;
let (s.a, s.b) = tuple(3, "piggies");

Alternatively std.typetuple.TypeTuple can be used instead of let:

If a range or array doesn't have enough elements, this thing will throw,
and if it's not desired there's
let (x,y,z)[] = ...
variant that uses just the available data and keeps the rest variables

With these functions you can skip certain elements:

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