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> All Brian tools use the same libdparse. Those include DCD, 
> DScanner, dfix, dfmt and probably some others I am not aware of. 
> It was also proposed for inclusion into Phobos a while ago but 
> review pressure was too high.

I try to use DCD when working with Emacs for D code, but I keep
forgetting to start the server :-( I would certainly be happy to commit
to using dfmt just as I use gofmt in Emacs. As long as the variation
from my preferred style is not to much I can live with a "One True
Style" (*).

> I hope it will eventually replace the legacy lexer/parser 
> converted from DMD C sources - it is much more pleasant to work 
> with.
> (there is no such thing as "one D parser written in D for the 
> compiler")

There ought to be for the compiler/formatter toolchain otherwise there
will be problems. And if there is a D parser as library and it works why
would anyone want another parser?

(*) The exception is of course Phobos style which I find so annoying I
can't read code formatted that way.

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