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> That is the whole point of using tabs for indent, you can chose the 
> indent amount: I tend to use 20ex.
> Remember a tab is not a number of spaces, it is semantic markup. Using 
> spaces is a low-level hack founded on a lack of separation of concerns 
> and abstraction.

The problem with tabs, IMO, are the following:

  - don't look right in patches (notice the different alignment of
    indented lines versus lines without any):

-int foo(int bar) {
-       return bar;

    versus (assuming 8 space indents):

-int foo(int bar) {
-        return bar;

  - I have yet to see an editor properly do tab-for-indent with proper
    space-for-alignment without manual management:

        int my_long_function_name(int bar,
                                  int baz)

By the way, this is *wrong* because tabs now have a defined size (8
here) which defeats the only (tangible[1]) advantage they have:

        int my_long_function_name(int bar,
                                  int baz)


[1]File size savings are negligible.

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