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> That means that the Emacs plugin needs to start it automatically.

Is this something on your todo list, or do you need a pull request?

> Implementing a separate parser based on the language spec has  
> helped to find problems with the language spec. Having "One True  
> Implementation" can lead to problems as well.
> https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10233

I just wonder if it is wise to have a single two chain with two 
distinct parsers which have separate lifecycles?

> > (*) The exception is of course Phobos style which I find so 
> > annoying I
> > can't read code formatted that way.
> By default dfmt tries to output Phobos style code. There is an  
> option to use a different brace style and another one to use tabs.

Since using Go and working on a couple of fairly old C++ codebases, 
all of which use tab for indent, I have come to rather like it.

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