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At the time of this message of yours, you didn't offer any concrete,
*technical* reasons of why dub shouldn't be used. Saying one doesn't
*want* to use dub is not a valid reason at all. Saying you can't,
without saying why, is no valid reason either.

Can dub build multiple libraries in the same project?

Yes - use DUB sub-packages.

Different flags to different source files?

What dicebot said.
That looks like an invalid, abstraction-breaking thing to do

Running a Python script to generate D code?

Yes, in DUB you can run arbitrary external commands before and after the D sources compilation.

And is that a full-featured integration, or does it have significant
limitations? You see, before DUB was, DDT did have it's own `.dproject`
of sorts ('.buildpath' for those who remember), and it's own basic
builder. But that integration was very basic and had severe limitations.

With CMake, you don't need to do the build steps in DDT; Eclipse already
knows how to run an external build tool just fine.

What I'm wondering is how good the VisualD on is then. Unfortunately I
can't easily check it out myself because if the point here is to check
C/C++ I'd probably have to install the commercial version of Visual
Studio to try it out.

VS2013 Community Edition should work.


I thought about that - VS2013 Community Edition -, but it looks huge and I don't want to install a bunch of library and stuff on my computer just to try VisualD out. I'd do it in a virtual machine though, as its worthwhile to check it out. But it will just have to wait until I get around to it, I don't have a spare Windows VM or installation at the moment.

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