On 3/24/15 10:07 AM, Martin Nowak wrote:
Glad to announce D 2.067.0.

This release comes with many improvements.
The GC is a lot faster for most use-cases, we have improved C++
interoperability and fixed plenty of bugs.

See the changelog for more details.

Download pages and documentation will be updated within the next few hours.


Until the binaries are mirrored to the official site, you can get them here.

Congratulations to everyone involved! This is a significant release - really a change of phase in the community - because for the first time neither Walter nor I participated in the actual release process (except with engineering bits, Walter a lot more).

Congratulations, Martin!

Let's announce this more widely after the binaries become available.

I have one regret - the changelog is a lot more scarce than it should because it doesn't list (or link to) a complete list of bugfixes. The impression to first comers is that we have a release with 8 total items. Hardly impressive.

Also the date on the release in the changelog page is wrong - it remained "Mar 1, 2015" aka our "I have a dream" date :o).


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