On 03/24/2015 07:00 PM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> I have one regret - the changelog is a lot more scarce than it should
> because it doesn't list (or link to) a complete list of bugfixes. The
> impression to first comers is that we have a release with 8 total items.
> Hardly impressive.
> Also the date on the release in the changelog page is wrong - it
> remained "Mar 1, 2015" aka our "I have a dream" date :o).

Should be fixed by now, as announcement said "within a few hours".

What I'm regretting more, is that I have to run after every contributor,
bugging them 3 times to write a single changelog line.

One way to improve this would be to have changelogs in the
dmd/druntime/phobos repo and make the entries part of the pull requests.

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