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> > It could be argued that it is all just co-routines underneath, but 
> > I
> > think that would be missing the point that we have 55 years more
> > experience of doing these things since that single processor 
> > operating
> > system model was created. We really should be doing this all a lot
> > better these days.
> yet current CPUs are still the same as 50 years before, that is the 
> problem. ;-)

I'd suggest that a Intel x86_64 of 2015 bears only a passing 
relationship to an IBM 360 of the 1960s.

It is true that hardware design has been constrained by a weird 
constraint that no-one has investigated alternative architectures to 
the register/CPU that software people insist is the only way forward.

With all the transistors available per mm² these days, it is about 
time we investigated alternate, implicitly parallel ways of working. 
Intel had a go a few years ago with various alternative dataflow based 
architectures, but they were told by the software people that they had 
no future because software inertia was more important than innovation.
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