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On Friday, 3 April 2015 at 19:08:58 UTC, weaselcat wrote:
I just tried compiling one of my project. It has a makefile that does separate compilation and a shell script I use for unit testing which compiles everything in one go. The makefile takes 5.3 seconds, does not including linking since it builds a library. The shell script takes 1.3 seconds which include compiling unit tests and linking as well.

change one file and see which one is faster with an incremental build.

I don't care if incremental build is 10x faster if full build still stays at ~1 second. However I do care (and consider unacceptable) if support for incremental builds makes full build 10 seconds long.

I'm of the opposite opinion. I don't care if full builds take 1h as long as incremental builds are as fast as possible. Why would I keep doing full builds? That's like git cloning multiple times. What for?

What's clear is that I need to try Andrei's per-package idea, at least as an option, if not the default. Having a large D codebase to test it on would be nice as well, but I don't know of anything bigger than Phobos.


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