I would like to announced that I have recently updated the D TextMate bundle to support D2 and TextMate 2. On a high level what's changed:

* The language grammar is up to date with D2 (I probably forgot something)
* Commands for building/running with RDMD and Dub
* Cleanup obsolete snippets and commands
* Some minor adjustments to make it compatible with TextMate 2
* Takes advantage of the new gutter marks in TextMate 2 for compiler messages
* Completely new internals for the build and run commands
* Update snippets to follow Phobos style guides

The build/run commands will create links in the output window which points back to the editor for compile errors, warnings and deprecation messages. When running an application it will also do the same thing for any exceptions that are thrown. It will also add these messages as marks in the gutter view.

For information about the build/run commands and how to configure the compiler (if needed) see the built-in help command for the bundle (Bundles -> D -> Help), also present here [1].

I would say that this bundle has a pretty good foundation now but it doesn't contain any advanced/fancy features, like autocompletion with DCD.

The bundle is available through TextMate's built-in bundle/package manger (TextMate -> Preferences -> Bundles). For those who already have the bundle the update should be automatic.

[1] https://github.com/textmate/d.tmbundle/blob/master/Support/help.md

/Jacob Carlborg

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