On Monday, 13 April 2015 at 06:56:16 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
I would like to announced that I have recently updated the D TextMate bundle to support D2 and TextMate 2. On a high level what's changed:

* The language grammar is up to date with D2 (I probably forgot something)
* Commands for building/running with RDMD and Dub
* Cleanup obsolete snippets and commands
* Some minor adjustments to make it compatible with TextMate 2
* Takes advantage of the new gutter marks in TextMate 2 for compiler messages
* Completely new internals for the build and run commands
* Update snippets to follow Phobos style guides

I would say that this bundle has a pretty good foundation now but it doesn't contain any advanced/fancy features, like autocompletion with DCD.


The only quirk I can see so far is that `xxx yyy(` is always parsed so that yyy is considered to be the symbol of a function, is highlighted as such, and appears in the symbol tree. Is it a limitation of Textmate?

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