On Saturday, 2 May 2015 at 19:24:12 UTC, Namespace wrote:
Nice that you named Dgame on your repo. ;) As soon as it supports XML and CSV I would definitely use it.

For my April/Mai game "Angry Snowball" (https://github.com/Dgame/AngrySnowball) I use currently a CSV format.

Unfortunately XML support is not a top priority for me, as I always use the JSON format. I normally have a build step that converts updated TMX file sto JSON files, which isn't a big deal since I already have a sort of content pipeline for music and art.

It is a possibility but I'd need to find a good XML serializer. Orange looks good but isn't on dub, and I'd like to integrate it in a way that users who only want JSON don't need to pull in the XML dependency (and visa-versa).

Out of curiosity, any reason for preferring the XML format? Not that I have a good reason for preferring JSON.

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