I can't understand how to use Calypso. I did:

modmap (C++) "<gdalwarper>";

import std.stdio;

void main()

then run build command:
ldc2 -L-lstdc++ -cpp-args -ID:\Project\2015\gdal1112\alg app.d

assume gdalwarper.h is located at alg folder

and I am getting error:

Error: cannot find source code for runtime library file 'object.d'
       ldc2 might not be correctly installed.
       Please check your ldc2.conf configuration file.
Installation instructions can be found at http://wiki.dlang.org/LDC.
import path[0] = C:/Program Files (x86)/ldc/include/d/ldc
import path[1] = C:/Program Files (x86)/ldc/include/d

Do I need to set -L-lstdc++ option? I do not have C++ experience :(

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