On 5/29/15 5:55 PM, Dennis Ritchie wrote:
On Friday, 29 May 2015 at 23:42:00 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
DConf 2015 has been awesome, I'm taking a minute to post this that's
been announced a short while ago.

We're pleased to announce that DConf 2016 will take place in Berlin,
sponsored by Sociomantic.

We'll be back with details. See you there!


Thank you very much for DConf 2015!

Special thanks to John Colvin for the livestream! It was really great
and grandiose! I hope that next year someone will give a video camera to
livestream with higher resolution to enjoy DConf 2016 fully.

That was a great idea. Thanks, John!

Why not DConf is carried out twice a year!? :)
E.g. in May and in November. It would be really great. Please think
about it!

Hmm, there may be a little disconnect here. Organizing conferences costs money, which currently comes from Walter and my pocket. Whilst I understand how it's awfully exciting to enjoy quality content from the comfort of one's device, we need more attendees before more conferences to make the checkbooks balance. Besides, there is no substitute for being there, as I'm sure all of this year's DConf participants may attest.


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