On Saturday, 30 May 2015 at 05:08:18 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Why not DConf is carried out twice a year!? :)
E.g. in May and in November. It would be really great. Please think
about it!

Hmm, there may be a little disconnect here. Organizing conferences costs money, which currently comes from Walter and my pocket. Whilst I understand how it's awfully exciting to enjoy quality content from the comfort of one's device, we need more attendees before more conferences to make the checkbooks balance. Besides, there is no substitute for being there, as I'm sure all of this year's DConf participants may attest.

Of course, having DConf twice a year need to not start this year, but definitely in the near future. Perhaps starting with 2016 or 2017. Or you can alternate DConf. For example, in 2016 to spend DConf once, and in 2017 — two times! In 2018 once, and in 2019 — twice...

I believe that we need to start global popularization D, to take away the throne from the reign of C++ :) Possibly two DConf this greatly help.

As for sponsorship DConfs, I think you need to try to enlist the support of some great companies, such as Google. Of course, Digital Mars and The Faсebook done much for the development and promotion of D, but D needs the support of a strong company to accelerate the capture of the industrial market. Ie need to attract a strong company on the side D. I have no idea how this is possible :) But I think it's a good idea!

Sorry if I wrote something wrong. This is just my thoughts.

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