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> On Monday, 1 June 2015 at 12:00:53 UTC, extrawurst wrote:
>> Thanks for the chance to be there! Even if I am dissapointed with many
>>> decisions being made, the main thing is that D is getting new users and new
>>> success stories. And DConf tells those stories :)
>> Out of curiosity, what decisions are you talking about ?
> I think these are most unpleasant ones for me:
> - Same hypocrite attitude to language/stdlib breaking changes that neither
> allows to fix it nor gives stability guarantees.
> - Going for kitchen sink Phobos (and distributing vibe.d as part of Phobos)
> - Moving fibers between threads (though there is some hope that Liran
> managed to convince Walter it is a bad idea)
> On the other hand, AST macros have been officially rejected and that I
> like a lot :)

While it's for different reasons - and I wouldn't qualify it hypocrite -, I
follow you on every point :)

Thanks Chuck, Walter and Andrei, and every speaker for making this happen.
It's also very nice to see that the community is being listen to (w.r.t.
dub for example). Looking forward to play at home next year !

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