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Markdown in a raw format is very readable. As for me, it's easier to read raw markdown than mix of text and code.

Perhaps, but I don't want to see raw markdown in e-mails any more than I want to see raw html, even if raw markdown isn't quite as bad.

Your comparison of markdown and HTML doesn't make any sense. They're fundamentally different.

> So, while it might be nice to have markdown if we were > dealing purely with forum software, we're not, so it doesn't > make sense.

I don't see a reason why forum cannot have features on it's own. Especially, when this features won't significantly affect other ways to access the same information.

If you're screwing with the content of the messages, then yes, it does affect the other ways that the information is accessed - and that includes adding stuff like markdown or html into the messages. If it's something that just affects how the content is viewed in the web forum, then that's fine, but it needs to not mess with the content of the messages

Are you sure you aren't confusing something like [bbcodes] with [markdown]?

I don't see how markdown can obscure message. For example, this quotes (`>`) are part of markdown.

or assume that all (or even a majority) of the users are communicating via the web forum.

You missed my point. I was talking about _potential_ users. Aren't we all want for D to became very popular and broadly used?

[bbcodes]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode
[markdown]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown

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