These dconf articles are taking a long time to write, hence the lateness again, but here's the rest of Wednesday and some roundup of changes from the forum and pull requests.

I was a bit sloppy on the Q&A, I just copy/pasted the notes I took live and formatted them a little. In a few cases, I wasn't sure who the speaker was, so they are labeled 'idk', and my personal shorthand isn't literally what people said, but hopefully this will give people an idea of what was discussed without having to have been there.

If someone else wants to post to reddit I'd appreciate it, I get trouble if I post my own thing too often.

Over this next week, my life is starting to return to normality so I plan to write up Thursday and Friday for next week, then we have interviews queuing up for the following week! The next few weeks should be exciting issues.

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