dtiled v0.2 is out, and for better or worse, it got hit by a serious case of
feature creep.

v0.1 was simply an easy way to load maps created with Tiled (http://mapeditor.org).

v0.2 attempts to provide much of the functionality commonly needed by tilemapped games.

I like to hack around on tilemapped rpg/strategy games, and noticed I was copying a lot of the same map-handling code everywhere, so I took a shot at
lib-ifying it.

The new tilemap modules (dtiled.grid and dtiled.map) are independent of the Tiled map-loading module (now called dtiled.data). You don't _have_ to load your map from a Tiled json file, any 2D array will work. However, as a whole, these modules should provide a nice road from creating a map in Tiled to working with it in a game.

You can check out:

The source: https://github.com/rcorre/dtiled
The dub package: http://code.dlang.org/packages/dtiled
The docs: http://rcorre.github.io/dtiled/index.html
The demo: https://github.com/rcorre/dtiled-example

dtiled is intended to be game-engine independent; the demo can currently be run using either DAllegro (requires allegro5) or DGame (requires sdl2) as a backend.

My next goals are pathfinding and a more interesting demo. I've considered adding support for other Tiled map formats (tmx and csv), but I'm not sure that is valuable as anyone using Tiled has the option to export to json, which should contain all of the necessary data.

Eventually, I may add support for isometric and hexagonal maps.

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