On 08/18/2015 09:33 PM, Rikki Cattermole wrote:

> Out of interest, why did you choose createspace over e.g. lulu?

I looked at various options about a year ago. I eliminated Lulu because my book already had way too many pages over their limit. I think their limit was something around 600 pages. I now have 798 pages but either they changed their options or put up better information that I should be able fit 740 pages with some layout changes:


Additionally, according to my research at the time, CreateSpace was the one of the ones that would give me the most royalty.

I eliminated other companies for other reasons e.g. because they would not take pdf, which my build system happens to produce for historical reasons.

I have been happy with CreateSpace's flow and how easy it's been to publish. I have one huge complaint though: It was impossible to send proof copies to more than one address at the same time. To do that, one has to upload a new content (even if there is no change) to change the state of the flow to "needs reviewing", which takes a day or two for them to say that it's ok to publish. Only then one can order a copy to another address. I had three addresses that I wanted to ship. I am sure they will change their process to fix that issue. Anyway, it's history now. :)


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