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That's courageous, particularly past 50 yo. It's a different culture, past 50 yo in Europe people choose security, but in USA, past 50 yo some people still take the risk to try something new. Awesome.

I say "bollocks" to your accusation that Europeans post 50 are a bunch of useless idiots.

I call double "bollocks" on the claim that only in the USA do people do anything.

I agree (I think it's the first time I agree with you!). Age is a state of mind. I've seen people in their 20ies who only think about a pension plan and watch TV every evening until they fall asleep.

The thing is that in Europe people are not "lazier", it's just harder to get going. You are fighting against structures that have been there since the Middle Ages (or longer). I don't know about the US, but in the "New World" (we stole from the inhabitants for whom it was an old world) there are indeed more possibilities. In Europe they regulate the ordinary citizen to death, often it's not worth the hassle.

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