After an alpha, a beta, and two release candidates DCD 0.7.0 is ready.

The D Completion Daemon is an auto-complete program for the D programming language.

* A large portion of DCD's symbol resolution engine was removed and
  placed into the new dsymbol project.
* Several design bugs with the cache invalidation process were fixed.
  (TLA+ was helpful with this)
* Regression testing! DCD now has regression tests. This was long
  overdue... Information on the tests can be found on the testing
  wiki page
* DCD now uses the latest version of std.experimental.allocator.
* Added the ability to ask the client to list the paths that are
  registered with the server.
* Removed all editor plugins from the DCD repository. All editor
  plugins were maintained outside of this repository anyways, so
this was more-or-less a dead code removal. Links to editor plugins
  and IDEs can be found on the wiki
* Support 2.068 syntax. The only thing that really changed is that
"inline" and "mangle" are now on the list of "pragma" autocomplete suggestions.
* Add "__LINE__", "__FILE__", and other built-in symbols to
  autocomplete suggestions.
* Correctly expand the current working directory when starting the
  server with -I options specifying relative paths.
* Fixed many bugs:

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