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Unnetworked personal mobile devices are the target platform for the standard implementation of OBI.

What hardware/OS (if any) will you use? Depending on the answer: do you plan to submit PR to extend plattform support of the compiler as necessary? Compared to your agenda full D support on Android/iOS/bare metal may be easy... Anyway a large codebase may be a good compiler test for ARM (or whatever you use).

A final target platform has not yet been settled, the main thrust right now is for a successful demo. However phone OS's such as Android (especially) and iOS have the potential to throw up nightmare security issues, therefore might not be candidates. Also the platform will need to be unnetworked which might knock out phone OS's.

The demo will be PC based, after which it will be optimised for a number of target processors.

1. OBI uses big data
2. no network
3. portable

OBI runs on a portable device with sufficient resources to process big data in realtime (I want OBI to answer immediately) - no laptop.

I am looking forward for such a device - I want it as least as fast as a XEON cpu, 32 GB+ RAM and a battery life of at least several hours.

I guess your demo will be some kind of console-based ELIZA.

"emacs -> M-x doctor" is quite good:)

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