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> Scam?! I haven't asked you for a farthing, so what nonsense are you
> talking about?
> Why not just wait until the end of September before you explore the
> limits of rudeness?

That's just an observation based on experience with projects that
promised the world, yet had not delivered. If your project turns out to
be different, I'll be the first to apologize.

> On my website there is a picture I claim to be of myself at a ceremony
> to receive an award from Microsoft. Surely, it isn't that much of a
> stretch to ask Microsoft if they ever gave a certain Asame Obiomah an
> award, is it?

I have never doubted that you are who you say you are. I am not even
doubting your award. Why would I? I am just saying that there is no
credible research with your name on it.

> After you have verified that, you can go a step further; no, go the
> whole hog; tell the police that someone is scamming the world with the
> term "patent pending" with which I refer to OBI at www.okeuvo.com.
> Surely, a "clever" sod like you would know that it is a crime to abuse
> the term "patent pending."

I do not know that. Then again, I most likely live in a different
country with different take on patents. Here it would probably be a
civil issue, not a criminal one. Also, in a world of software, patents
were awarded for a bunch of stupid things (see 1-click patent), so
having a pending patent does not say that much.


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