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>>> This is to inform the D Language community that the first viable general
>>> artificial algorithm is being written in D. It is called Organic Big data
>>> intelligence (OBI); the website is at www.okeuvo.com.
>>> Some of its capabilities are:
>>> 1. Ability to learn
>>> 2. Ability to analyse
>>> 3. Problem solving
>>> 4. Moral judgement
>>> 5. Ability to feel emotions
>>> 6. Free will
>>> 7. Consciousness
>>> 8. Self awareness
>>> D Language was chosen for its versatility. It is a language with high
>>> level syntax and low capabilities, as well as excellent performance and
>>> being open source.
>>> Unnetworked personal mobile devices are the target platform for the
>>> standard implementation of OBI. A demonstration release is scheduled for
>>> the end of this month (September 2015). The demonstration release will
>>> comprehend English prose only, later releases will be able to process
>>> input from other languages, as well as sensory input.
>>> OBI will be a mixture of open and closed source modules.
>>> To God be the Glory.
>>> Asame Obiomah
>> Umm... not that I would not like an AI like this written in D, but this
>> is probably the most extraordinary claim I have seen in some time. And no
>> extraordinary evidence seems to be available.
>> Also, points 4 - 8 scream SCAM! all around. Especially when there is no
>> credible research linked to the name of Asame Obiomah.
>> So, let's just hope that the linked page was not an attack vector and
>> this is not jsut an elaborate social engineering :-)
>> Martin
> Scam?! I haven't asked you for a farthing, so what nonsense are you
> talking about?

FYI most scams start without asking for money.  That usually comes later.

You build up a reputation and buzz around your mechanical turk or perpetual
motion machine or free energy device or whatever, then eventually make a
pitch to investors to back you.


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