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> > On Thursday, 17 September 2015 at 20:32:59 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
> > > Hmm reading this. No license, is best for now.
> >
> > Take your time, but without a license anyone cloning or forking
> > your repo is in fact violating your copyright. It is not what
> > most people expect on github, and I will have to delete my fork
> > and local clone...
> By using public repos, you explicitly allow anyone to view and fork your
> project. There are no implicit rights of *use* of that clone though.
> --Ben

There is also no implicit rights if you provide pull requests for said repo.

I for one will have to delete everything I have on FancyPars and avoid,
because I mix work and pleasure all the time, and I have no time in my life
for lawyers, life is too short.

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