On Saturday, 10 October 2015 at 01:52:36 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
To me the whole property discussion looks like one of those endless debates about an insignificant detail.
Scala and Ruby seem to do well with sloppy parens.

Strict typing and explicitness has a real effect on code legibility and maintenance. D is trying too hard to be a scripting language. Taking away getter/setter typing just reinforce that impression.

With the introduction of UFCS it became clear that nobody likes byLine().array().sort().release(), and even less rng.release.sort().array().front.

Introduce a pipeline operator. Chaining processes with dot operators has always been an ugly old OO hack.

For some functions it's really hard to decide whether or not something is a property, e.g. for me Range.save is an action/function not a property. So for me using @property appears to waste time making pointless decisions.

If it is hard to decide then that probably means that the model is flawed and needs more work.

D really needs to start strengthening the type system, rather than eroding it.

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