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> I expect that you're going to get a fair bit of disagreement on that.
> We've
> been telling everyone for years that it's full of old stuff that
> mostly
> only works with old versions of D (most of it D1) and that it should
> usually
> be avoided because of that. Pretty much anything like what it was
> doing is
> done on github now. Resurrecting dsource.org would just cause
> confusion at
> this point. dsource.org exists only for archival purposes, and IMHO,
> that's
> how it should stay.

The stories of GoogleCode and Codehaus are that a system set up for
CVS/Subversion cannot compete with GitHub and BitBucket in the DVCS-
era. Has anyone tried GitLab (was Gitorious)? SourceForge is trying to
rework itself, but it is very resource intensive, and this only really
viable for an organization with large funds. All the other "forges"
that I have been associated with are now either gone or left lying
around as archives for historical purposes.

dsource.org is not, in my opinion, worth resurrecting to try and
compete with GitHub and BitBucket. If there is some non-code-hosting
role not fulfilled by dlang.org then maybe, but as it is I would make
the notice on the front page of dsource.org much larger and then just
let it be. 
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