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On Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at 08:01:29 UTC, Ali Çehreli wrote:
Although the book will always be free[1], many of you have expressed a
need to pay without having to buy the paper version.

It's a bit late now but I like what Cory Doctorow (a writter who publishes mainly books under Creative Common license) does: the epub/pdf version is free but if you want to participate without buying the paper version you can buy a book that will be given to a library (of your choice if you express one) instead. This allows participation as well as

As this is not a book of fiction it may be suited to fewer libraries but
I still think this is a concept worth sharing.

Interesting. That is almost the same as what I said to someone who wanted to contribute but did not want the paper book. I said "buy the paper book and give it to someone you know." :)


I really appreciate all of the work you've put into this book. It's been an immense help to myself and several friends both with learning the language and learning programming in general. It's typically the first book I recommend new students of programming to read.

Hope you get most of the cut from the ebook - Enjoy the donation. I only wish I could give more at the moment.

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